Minnesota State Fair

Yesterday was the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, so Jon and I took the afternoon off and went out there.  It was really a nice day to be out there.  My first stop is always the cheese curd stand, those are my absolute favorite fair food! Here are a few pictures of our fair adventures.

Princess Kay Butter Sculpture.  Thats one big block of butter.
Paula Dean would have a hay day with all that butter!

Then we went to the Miracle of Life building where they have animals that are ready to give birth or already have.  That morning at 5am Miss Piggy gave birth to these piglets, quite the litter.

What came first the chicken or the egg?


This little cow came right up to me and started licking my hand.  A little to friendly for my liking!

When we were at the horse barn, we ran it to this big guy.  The percheron's are beautiful draft horses.

At the Creative Building they had a finished Affairs of the Heart quilt.  It was nice to see a finished one.  I am hoping to finish my in the next decade!

This basket was a favorite with Jon and I.

MR BUBBLE and me!  As a kid I loved Mr. Bubble, always wanted to be the child in commercial with their tub overflowing with bubbles.  We had a terrific day at the fair, but today my aging body is paying for all the walking around.

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