Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

First of all, the photos above are the reason I had to make a new tooth fairy pillow for my grandson. Lola their dog thought the bear made a good chew toy, the funny thing is I was there babysitting the boys at the time!  I couldn't figure out why there was cotton stuffing all over and then I could hear slobbering, chomping and snorting.  It sounded like I was at a mini pig farm.  Its weird how she can just take out all the stuffing and completely disfigure a poor helpless tooth fairy bear. The bear now looks like a bad Gumby.

I didn't really want to make another of the same, so I decided to make a monster tooth fairy pillow. I used the scraps I had left over from the bear for the eyes because those are Jackson's favorite colors.  He said he likes this tooth pillow better.  Maybe he gave the dog the bear??? 

8 1/2 x 11" Freezer Paper
Wool Felt
Exacto Knife
Filling - or cotton balls
Embroidery Thread
Optional:  My Tooth Template

1. Draw on freezer paper your tooth design or print my template on to freezer paper.
2. Cut out and iron freezer paper onto wool.  Cut out body and remove freezer paper.  Repeat for a total of  2 body pieces.
3. Cut out eyes from the same paper with exacto knife.
4. Iron eyes on wool, cut out and remove freezer paper.

5.  Do the same as #4 for the 2nd layer of eyes.
6.  Do the same as #4 for the 3rd layer of eyes.
7.  Cut out teeth- I numbered them for placement.
8. Take freezer paper tooth and iron back on the the cut piece of wool and trace with a water soluble marker the eyes and mouth on to wool for placement of your felt pieces. Remove paper when done tracing.

9. Sew eye layers together, then sew eyes and teeth on to the tooth body.  Stem stitch or machine stitch around the mouth and cut and an opening in between the stitches.
10. Cut out a pocket and glue around all the edges of pocket using fabric tac. Place pocket on back of pillow covering the mouth.
11. Put right sides together and sew using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Leave around  2" opening along the side for turning. I like to use Wonder Clips (my new favorite gadget) instead of pins, it keeps the pieces together without any bunching.
12. Fill with stuffing and sew up opening.  I used cotton balls in a single layer to get a flat looking pillow.

Now it is ready for some teeth.  Hopefully no dog teeth will touch this one!


Yay! My 2nd Liebster Blog Award

This morning I received an email from Kim at Making My Pinterest My Reality nominating me for my 2nd Liebster Blog Award.  Thank you Kim! I am follower of Kims blog you should check it out! "Liebster" means "Dearest" in German and the award is a "share the love arrangement" that is given to inspirational bloggers with less than 200 followers.  There is a list of things that recipients are required to do upon receiving the award. This time it is a little different I am suppose to share 5 random facts.  So here it goes......

1. I drink too much Mountain Dew
2. I don't eat hot dogs or sea food
3. I live in Minnesota where it is stinkin hot today!
4. I love having bonfires with my kids
5. I love shopping at Trader Joes!

I think those are pretty random :)

    Here are the rules for the blogs I've chosen: 
  1. Post about your win.
  2. Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award and follow their blog.
  3. Copy and paste the award button to your blog (right click on the image and save).
  4. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have fewer than 200 followers that you think deserves to be recognized.
  5. Let them know by leaving them a comment on their blog.
  6. Share 5 random facts about yourself  

Here are the 5 blogs awarded the Liebster Blog Award:

JoAnn @ Sweet Pepper Rose
Jeanne @ Luv 2 Stitch
Hopes and Dreams Studio
Amanda@Mommy is CooCoo
Holly@Sunshine State of Mind

Congrats Ladies!


Tutorial: IPod or IPhone Case

Per the request of my grandson whom I will bend over backwards for I made a case for his IPod. He chose this car fabric and YES I know it is upside down!!! Sometimes directional fabric does not like me as much as I like it too.  I chalked it up to "senior moment" which seem to occur more than I would like. Normally I would start over and redo but I told myself Jackson probably won't even notice or care.   Anyways......It will do the job! 

1/4 yard of fabric
1/4 yard fusible fleece
 Fabric-Tac ( my fav)
Velcro sticky back
Turning Tool

I just recently bought Wonder Clips through Amazon and thought this would be a great project to test them out.  
1.  FABRIC-   Cut 1- 11 1/2" x 3 3/4" and  Cut 2 - 8 1/2"x 3 3/4"  
     FLEECE-  Cut 1 -5 1/2" x 3 1/4"   and Cut 1 - 8" x 3 1/4"
2.  On the 2 pieces of 8 1/2" x 3 3/4 use a bowl to make to make the curved top.
3.  Trace both pieces
4.  Cut both pieces

5.  This is what you should have cut out.
6.  Fold the 11 1/2" x 3 3/4" piece in half making a crease for the half way mark. Open up fabric and take your 5 1/2" x 3 1/4" Fleece and iron on to fabric leaving a 1/4" seam allowance on the sides and bottom.
7.  Take your 8" x 3 1/4" Fleece, trim curved top leaving 1/4" seam allowance and iron on.
8.  I clipped the corners of the fleece at the bottom so there is not a lot of excess in the corners. 

9.    Fold in half the 11 1/2" x 3 3/4" piece and top stitch on the fold.
10.  Optional - I had my machine embroider Jacksons name on the flap.
11.  Sandwich pieces together in this order. 1st curved piece right side up - pocket - 2nd curved fleece piece right side down.
12.  Pin pieces together.  I used my Wonder Clips and I love them!  The pieces stay together nice and flat without bunching when you have multiple layers that are thicker. I just removed as I went along the seam allowance.

13.  Sew pieces together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving an opening to turn right side out.  See Example.
14.  Turn right side out.  Turning tools help a lot especially along the seams and corners.  Fold in seam allowance on opening and use Fabric-Tac to hold together. Press.
15.  Starting just at the top of the pocket top stitch along the flap and end at the top of the pocket on the opposite side.
16.  Add velcro.  Put a little Fabric-Tac on each piece for added strength.  

And its ready to go!


A boy and his dog....

This morning my daughter sent me this picture of Tanner and Lola.  It was too cute not to share! Everyone is just trying to stay cool in this weather.



Gee... it is another hot day today!  The temp is suppose to reach 99 degrees. I don't think it is going to cool down at all this week.  Yesterday I spent the day indoors beading.  These are what I have accomplished so far.  The ones on the far right I call my watermelon earrings. Debating whether I go and run errands or just stay cool indoors.