Paper-Mache Easter Eggs

These are the latest addition to my Easter crafts.  Eventually I will be making green and blue eggs to coordinate with my Easter Tree,  but for now I wanted to make sure I had at least two eggs done before Easter.

Here are a few of the materials I used: 
Assorted lichen, paper flowers, paper-mache eggs, Dresden trim, Caspia and a wood napkin holder.

I found the rabbit clip art at Graphics Fairy.  
I resized the images to around 1 1/2", printed out one regular and one reverse page orientation on to card stock so I could have a front and back. Then with my X-acto knife I carefully cut out the rabbits and glued them together with a small wire inserted at the bottom between the two cut outs.

To get rid of the white edges on the side I used my watercolor pencils and colored it in.  Then I added a few coats of Mod Podge to seal it.

 I cut out a hole in the paper-mache egg, painted and added Dresden trim around the opening.

I added some crafters clay in the bottom of the egg and created the inside of the egg.  To finish it off I added a paper rose to the top.

I painted the napkin rings and used them as my egg holder.


Felted Easter Bunny

For one of my Easter crafts I decided to needle felt a rabbit.  This is my first attempt at doing a rabbit. It always seems like with making the first of anything there are things I would do different when making the next one. For instance I wasn't exactly thrilled with the shape of the head, but instead of redoing it I just remind myself thats what makes it unique.  

Then I gave her a little home with felted eggs.