DIY Glitter Snowflake Ornaments

These glitter snowflakes make a great tree ornament or you could add some fish line and hang them from a light for a snowy effect.  Either way they are beautiful!

 You'll need a snowflake punch, card stock, glass glitter, glue and a paint brush.  I bought some card stock paper that coordinates with the glass glitter. 
I punched out my snowflakes. I glued two of the snowflakes together to make it a bit firmer.  Punched a hole at the top for my hook.  Then I brushed on the glue and sprinkled with glass glitter.  I found it to be easier to glue and glitter sections of the snowflake at a time verses the whole thing.  I let the front dry and then did the back. Now they are ready for my tree, when I actually get a chance to put it up!


Pocket Hand Warmers - New in Shop

These pocket hand warmers are the latest addition to my Esty shop.
They are made with a super soft 100% cotton flannel fabric and filled with uncooked rice and dried lavender.  Available in 5 yummy fabrics and your choice of Hearts or Rectangles.  Just microwave for 25-30 secs and put them in your pockets.  They will stay warm for around 20 minutes.  Perfect for those of use who are always cold this time of year! 
You can also use them as cold packs by putting them in the freezer.
They also make great stocking stuffers!


Mushroom Ornament

There are a lot of tree ornaments that are symbolic.  For instance the pickle, which is a sign of good luck.  It would be the last ornament placed on the tree but hidden.  On Christmas morning the first child to find it would be rewarded an extra gift from St. Nick.  It was started so children would appreciate all the ornaments on the tree and not just what was under it.
Then we have the mushroom, it was displayed on Christmas trees in Germany in honor of the peoples reverence for nature and in hope of good luck in the New Year.  This year since I already have a pickle, I thought I would add some mushrooms. I could use a little more good luck.

Here is the quick and dirty on how I made them.  I removed the floral wire from the bottom of the spun cotton mushroom, added  a eye screw on the top (because of the lacquer top I used my x-acto knife to poke a small hole to help the screw get started)  and inserted a skewer on the bottom so it would be easier to handle.  With a paint brush I brushed glue on the mushroom top and sprinkled with german glass glitter.  Instead of a traditional hook I chose to use bakers twine.  I am going to make a few extra to add them to my gift tags for Christmas.


Wool Strawberry Sachet

This little strawberries are great for drawers or slip them over a hanger in your closet.  I love the smell of lavender it is a nice clean , calming scent.  When I was making these the whole room was lit up with the scent of lavender.

For the strawberry base I  made a circle and cut it in half and cut about 1/5 of it off.  I then stitched some seed beads on the top.

Sew the straight edges together and turn.

Sew a running stitch along the top, I like to use silk thread it just blends into the fabric nicely.
Add Lavender.

Cinch up the top and secure.

Glue or sew on the strawberry tops.

I added a small string and a little flower to the top. 


Butchers Apron

With baking season just around the corner I thought I would share one of my favorite aprons to make.  I like it because it is very fast and easy to make and it has lots of coverage especially for us messing bakers!  The pattern for this apron is in French General's Home Sewn book.  I absolutely love this book it has so many nice patterns for the home.  I like buying books like this because they have more bang for your buck. And lots of inspiration!

Here is a peek at the page with the aprons I made. 

This one is similar to the one in the book. 
It also has a nice big pocket in the front.
This apron I shorted up and left off the pocket.