Pumpkin Candle Holders

With all the pinning I do for crafts, I finally did one!  Every Wednesday my mom goes over to my sisters house and I will go if I am not busy.  Last Wednesday we decided to do a craft and we choose this one.  It was really quite easy and quick to do, a perfect group craft!

They had already purchased everything on one of the Wednesdays together, so we were all ready to go.  They picked up the glasses at the Dollar Tree and the garland at Michaels.  First we painted the base orange and the stem green.  Then we added the brown lines and highlighted with some yellow in between the lines.  And sealed it up with Mod Podge.

Voila!  A Pumpkin Candle
This is the one my sister made.

My Mothers.

The 3 amigos! 
We had such a fun day I am looking forward to our next craft day!


Halloween Treat Box

 Last year I had bought these pumpkin treat boxes after Halloween on clearance.  I decided I should probably make something with them so it wouldn't be another one of those impulse clearance buys. I also have some skeleton heads I bought too, but thats another day!

Treat bags/boxes
glitter eyelash yarn
glass glitter
Craft Glue
Halloween Clipart
These are the links to the clip art I used Pumpkin and I use two different ones from the Graphics Fairy and layered them. They are Trick or Treat and Witch.  On the Pumpkin clipart I drew a collar on it, I just thought it needed something else.  I added my orange and black glass glitter.  I cut out the witch, stuck some foam tape under it and put it over the owl that was one the trick or treat clipart. Glueing the glitter eyelash yarn around the edges I found was a little tricky just have to be careful not to get glue on the eyelash part. I think I had more glue on my fingers than the glitter eyelash yarn. I just need to get some treats for inside the box!


Wreath Makeover

Well...this wreath was one step away from the garbage can and then a teeny tiny light bulb went off.  The older I get the less wasteful I try to be.  I think it is an age thing....Anyways I decided that I would give it a makeover, sort of a glamour shot for wreaths!

First I dissected the wreath removing the bunches of twigs and then removing the berries from the twigs.  I trimmed up the twigs and tied them back onto the wreath.

When my mom destashes her craft stuff she always asks me if I want it and of course I take it!
The leaves and cedar acorns are from her stash.  I had the pumpkins and bittersweet.  I added a little glitter to the top of  the acorns.

A few hours later and I have a new fall wreath!


Pumpkin Spice

I received a small shipment of pumpkin spice glass glitter last week for my Esty shop and decided to try it out on a pumpkin I had left over from a wreath I made, which I will be posting next week.  Oh I am in love with this glass glitter!  The colors are amazing. This seasonal glitter is a blend of over 11 different glitters. A beautiful mix of large grains for sparkle and fine grits for coverage. This is the best pumpkin glass glitter! Now I am trying to figure what else I have that I can sprinkle with this.


Novelty Fabrics

 Today I a made trip to Crafty Planet.  It is a cute fabric shop with lots of fun fabrics.  These are a couple of the fabrics I purchased.  Lately I find myself gravitating towards the novelty fabrics.  Don't know what exactly I will be doing with them yet! I'll certainly let you know when I figure it out.

Wonderland Tea and Vintage VW.

Kiss the Cook and McCalls Pattern Pieces


Halloween Tree

Maybe its a little early to be thinking about Halloween but after the yucca plant was done blooming the shoot reminded me of a old rackety tree so I cut it off and spray painted it black and stuck it in a small metal basket.  I was going to hang little skeletons from it but then I was thinking I wanted to make something more colorful since I would be giving this to Jackson and Tanner. This is what I came up with....Glass Glitter Pumpkins

Pumpkin Garland
Bakers Twine
Glitter Glue
Hole Punch

I cut 8 pumpkins out from the garland and punched a hole in the stem.

I applied my glitter to both sides.

Put the bakers twine through the hole in the stem and make a bow. After I hung the pumpkins I was thinking the tree could use a couple more pumpkins.  Oh well I still have plenty of time to do some more later!