Halloween Treat Box

 Last year I had bought these pumpkin treat boxes after Halloween on clearance.  I decided I should probably make something with them so it wouldn't be another one of those impulse clearance buys. I also have some skeleton heads I bought too, but thats another day!

Treat bags/boxes
glitter eyelash yarn
glass glitter
Craft Glue
Halloween Clipart
These are the links to the clip art I used Pumpkin and I use two different ones from the Graphics Fairy and layered them. They are Trick or Treat and Witch.  On the Pumpkin clipart I drew a collar on it, I just thought it needed something else.  I added my orange and black glass glitter.  I cut out the witch, stuck some foam tape under it and put it over the owl that was one the trick or treat clipart. Glueing the glitter eyelash yarn around the edges I found was a little tricky just have to be careful not to get glue on the eyelash part. I think I had more glue on my fingers than the glitter eyelash yarn. I just need to get some treats for inside the box!