Wreath Makeover

Well...this wreath was one step away from the garbage can and then a teeny tiny light bulb went off.  The older I get the less wasteful I try to be.  I think it is an age thing....Anyways I decided that I would give it a makeover, sort of a glamour shot for wreaths!

First I dissected the wreath removing the bunches of twigs and then removing the berries from the twigs.  I trimmed up the twigs and tied them back onto the wreath.

When my mom destashes her craft stuff she always asks me if I want it and of course I take it!
The leaves and cedar acorns are from her stash.  I had the pumpkins and bittersweet.  I added a little glitter to the top of  the acorns.

A few hours later and I have a new fall wreath!