Pumpkin Candle Holders

With all the pinning I do for crafts, I finally did one!  Every Wednesday my mom goes over to my sisters house and I will go if I am not busy.  Last Wednesday we decided to do a craft and we choose this one.  It was really quite easy and quick to do, a perfect group craft!

They had already purchased everything on one of the Wednesdays together, so we were all ready to go.  They picked up the glasses at the Dollar Tree and the garland at Michaels.  First we painted the base orange and the stem green.  Then we added the brown lines and highlighted with some yellow in between the lines.  And sealed it up with Mod Podge.

Voila!  A Pumpkin Candle
This is the one my sister made.

My Mothers.

The 3 amigos! 
We had such a fun day I am looking forward to our next craft day!