Halloween Tree

Maybe its a little early to be thinking about Halloween but after the yucca plant was done blooming the shoot reminded me of a old rackety tree so I cut it off and spray painted it black and stuck it in a small metal basket.  I was going to hang little skeletons from it but then I was thinking I wanted to make something more colorful since I would be giving this to Jackson and Tanner. This is what I came up with....Glass Glitter Pumpkins

Pumpkin Garland
Bakers Twine
Glitter Glue
Hole Punch

I cut 8 pumpkins out from the garland and punched a hole in the stem.

I applied my glitter to both sides.

Put the bakers twine through the hole in the stem and make a bow. After I hung the pumpkins I was thinking the tree could use a couple more pumpkins.  Oh well I still have plenty of time to do some more later!