Plant Container Makeover

When looking over my plant containers this spring I had these black containers that really were in need of something.  It was time to give them new life and I decided to try spray painting them with a Rust-Oleum Multicolor texture paint thats is made for outdoors.  

This was my first time using this type of paint and I am happy with the results.  I really like the multicolors and it has soft texture to give it a much better look than a flat spray paint would have.

There are some hungry rabbits around here that are always eating the flowers.  Since these will be on the patio at perfect height for them, I chose these flowers in hope that they will leave them alone.

Bullseye Salmon Geranium
Purple Fountain Grass
Purple Lobelia

Oh... the rabbits did nibble on the lobelia a bit at first but now have pretty much stayed away from the flowers.  Now all it needs to do is grow some more and fill in.