Glitter Bottle Brush Tree

This time of year everything is better with glitter on it! I just can seem to stop glittering.
These are bottle brush trees that I glittered today when I should have been doing many other things that were not as fun as this project.

Supply List:
Spray Adhesive, silver glass glitter, mica snowflakes, craft tac glue, vintage white paint, bells, cork tops and bottle brush trees.

First I lightly sprayed the tree with adhesive and sprinkled on the silver glitter. Then I took my bell and glued the top of it and stuck in the tree.  I used a hemostat to hold the bells to put in the tree. It seems whenever I do a project that is small in size my fingers seem to triple in size so the hemostat makes it so a lot easier.

I painted the cork bottoms with a vintage white paint. Once the paint was dry I applied the glue to the cork and rolled it around in the mica snowflakes.  Last I took off the bottom of the tree, put a hole in the top of the cork and stuck in the tree.