Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

First of all, the photos above are the reason I had to make a new tooth fairy pillow for my grandson. Lola their dog thought the bear made a good chew toy, the funny thing is I was there babysitting the boys at the time!  I couldn't figure out why there was cotton stuffing all over and then I could hear slobbering, chomping and snorting.  It sounded like I was at a mini pig farm.  Its weird how she can just take out all the stuffing and completely disfigure a poor helpless tooth fairy bear. The bear now looks like a bad Gumby.

I didn't really want to make another of the same, so I decided to make a monster tooth fairy pillow. I used the scraps I had left over from the bear for the eyes because those are Jackson's favorite colors.  He said he likes this tooth pillow better.  Maybe he gave the dog the bear??? 

8 1/2 x 11" Freezer Paper
Wool Felt
Exacto Knife
Filling - or cotton balls
Embroidery Thread
Optional:  My Tooth Template

1. Draw on freezer paper your tooth design or print my template on to freezer paper.
2. Cut out and iron freezer paper onto wool.  Cut out body and remove freezer paper.  Repeat for a total of  2 body pieces.
3. Cut out eyes from the same paper with exacto knife.
4. Iron eyes on wool, cut out and remove freezer paper.

5.  Do the same as #4 for the 2nd layer of eyes.
6.  Do the same as #4 for the 3rd layer of eyes.
7.  Cut out teeth- I numbered them for placement.
8. Take freezer paper tooth and iron back on the the cut piece of wool and trace with a water soluble marker the eyes and mouth on to wool for placement of your felt pieces. Remove paper when done tracing.

9. Sew eye layers together, then sew eyes and teeth on to the tooth body.  Stem stitch or machine stitch around the mouth and cut and an opening in between the stitches.
10. Cut out a pocket and glue around all the edges of pocket using fabric tac. Place pocket on back of pillow covering the mouth.
11. Put right sides together and sew using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Leave around  2" opening along the side for turning. I like to use Wonder Clips (my new favorite gadget) instead of pins, it keeps the pieces together without any bunching.
12. Fill with stuffing and sew up opening.  I used cotton balls in a single layer to get a flat looking pillow.

Now it is ready for some teeth.  Hopefully no dog teeth will touch this one!