I am home today from visiting my Dad in San Antonio.  I had a really nice time visiting him. I think its good to be home???  Bittersweet, I guess. Tomorrow its back to the real world. Here are a few of my touristy pictures from my trip.

This is when we were down on the River Walk I had to take a picture of this boat because it was named Ms Paula!

We had lunch on the River Walk and this duck kept begging for food.  When I ignored it he would start bitting at my pants and of course I gave in and fed him some chips.
 Pretty photogenic little guy!

And of course.......The Alamo

This a my Dad putting up with me :)

I really liked this fence/wall at the Alamo.  I wish I had a fence like this at home.
Now I am going to TRY to go to bed I have been up since 3:30am and I am exhausted.  Just need my brain to shut down and not think about all the things I need to do!


  1. Great pictures and I loved your little duck :)

    1. That duck was a funny one! I thought he was going to grab a chair and join us!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos of San Antonio! Brought back memories of my first trip to Texas.