DIY Glitter Snowflake Ornaments

These glitter snowflakes make a great tree ornament or you could add some fish line and hang them from a light for a snowy effect.  Either way they are beautiful!

 You'll need a snowflake punch, card stock, glass glitter, glue and a paint brush.  I bought some card stock paper that coordinates with the glass glitter. 
I punched out my snowflakes. I glued two of the snowflakes together to make it a bit firmer.  Punched a hole at the top for my hook.  Then I brushed on the glue and sprinkled with glass glitter.  I found it to be easier to glue and glitter sections of the snowflake at a time verses the whole thing.  I let the front dry and then did the back. Now they are ready for my tree, when I actually get a chance to put it up!