Mushroom Ornament

There are a lot of tree ornaments that are symbolic.  For instance the pickle, which is a sign of good luck.  It would be the last ornament placed on the tree but hidden.  On Christmas morning the first child to find it would be rewarded an extra gift from St. Nick.  It was started so children would appreciate all the ornaments on the tree and not just what was under it.
Then we have the mushroom, it was displayed on Christmas trees in Germany in honor of the peoples reverence for nature and in hope of good luck in the New Year.  This year since I already have a pickle, I thought I would add some mushrooms. I could use a little more good luck.

Here is the quick and dirty on how I made them.  I removed the floral wire from the bottom of the spun cotton mushroom, added  a eye screw on the top (because of the lacquer top I used my x-acto knife to poke a small hole to help the screw get started)  and inserted a skewer on the bottom so it would be easier to handle.  With a paint brush I brushed glue on the mushroom top and sprinkled with german glass glitter.  Instead of a traditional hook I chose to use bakers twine.  I am going to make a few extra to add them to my gift tags for Christmas.